How To Apply CleanPatch®

Getting Started

  1. Determine who will manage CleanPatch® applications in each clinical area.
  2. Inspect mattresses during, or after, every terminal cleaning.
  3. Ensure CleanPatch® is readily available at the point of use.
  4. Review the CleanPatch® application instructions and Implementation Guide.
  5. Keep track of repairs to monitor the durability and the savings.
Application Steps 0

Track Your CleanPatch® Repair

Follow these steps to track the performance of your CleanPatch®.

  1. Apply CleanPatch® sample to a damaged mattress.
  2. Identify the bedframe with the enclosed tag. Include your name and trial date on it to help track the bed location.
  3. Track your CleanPatch® at Complete the online form to receive a reminder at the end of the trial!