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Providing a safe and satisfying environment of care for your transport patients and staff. Diversey Solutions Designed for Healthcare™ can help you deliver.

Diversey understands the critical needs and challenges faced by healthcare providers around the world. Our solutions are designed to elevate the quality of service and care for residents, staff, and visitors. These solutions integrate products, processes, training, and measurement systems to not only improve results but also reduce risk and lower overall cost.

Click here to view our most recent webinar on “Feel the Clean”- Infection Prevention with First Responders

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Speed up turnover with a 1-minute wipe. Don’t let turnover slow you down!

Oxivir® Wipes   – Fast, Effective, Responsible and Sustainable, Oxivir Wipes, powered by Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) technology improve cleaning and disinfection turnover time and reduce risk to staff, passengers, and patients, while keeping costs in line.

Oxivir wipes are effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens,  including  Candida Auris, in just one minute. They also stay wet for the required label contact time, ensuring that disinfection is taking place while streamlining your process. With one pass, Oxivir wipes clean and disinfect surfaces and equipment, yet are gentle on people and assets. Oxivir Wipes fall into the lowest hazard category, requiring no safety warnings or personal protective equipment. There is a short video here.

Boost your disinfection with MoonBeam™3 disinfection technology

MoonBeam™3 – Fast, Effective, Affordable, and Portable. MoonBeam3 is an ultraviolet-C disinfection device that provides a better angle for disinfection. This portable, powerful solution disinfects quickly, reliably, and responsibly. MoonBeam3 is cost-effective and designed for fast, on-demand disinfection of patient care areas. The system offers three individually adjustable arms that can be positioned at the ultimate angle to target the UV-C light, optimizing the dose and energy to disinfect patient care areas, including environmental surfaces and non-critical patient care equipment, in as little as 3 minutes.

Click here for a video, and here for more information on UV disinfection.

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Restore damaged stretchers to an intact and hygienic state.

CleanPatch® is a patented medical surface repair system that allows damaged mattresses and stretchers to be restored to an intact and hygienic state. This FDA-registered, clinically validated product restores damaged exam tables, mattresses, OR tables, gurneys and stretchers.
Available in three sizes and a mix pack, with new lower pricing to save your facility money, CleanPatch® is designed to repair over 90% of cuts, tears and punctures common to hospital beds, operating room tables and stretcher mattresses.
CleanPatch® is a simple and cost-effective solution for mattress repair. For further information or to request a sample, click here. To view a product video, click here.
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Clean Hands Save Lives!

The IntelliCare™ hand hygiene system is engineered to address all of your infection prevention needs with a versatile, modern, and portable platform that is compatible with liquid/gel and foam products.
Game-changing innovation in a full offering:
  • Optional dispensers to hange on the walls of vehicles or at the case
  • Liquid and foam options available
  • Best in class efficacy, with trusted and proven formulations
  • Maximum user acceptance; fragrances with universal appeal
  • Leading mildness and skin compatibility
  • Dermatologically-tested formulations

Let the Diversey team help you optimize results!

Diversey can provide a variety of resources, including comprehensive procedural toolkits, training, and information, as well as customized procedures for First Responders. Our Solutions Designed for Healthcare™ (SDFHC) website is a great source of information and tools to help you with successful implementations, operational efficiency, and creating a healthier environment for patients and staff.

By partnering with Diversey, you take an integrated approach to cleaning – reducing your risk, improving the safety and image of your facility, and ensuring the satisfaction of patients, passengers, and staff.

Contact us today to discuss the best ways for helping patients “feel the clean” in your vehicle and base.

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