Sodium Hypochlorite 5.25% (bleach concentrate) –bleach is a commonly used product for task-oriented disinfection, specifically a sporicidal. Surfaces should be pre-cleaned prior to using bleach. It is the cheapest disinfectant, and effective against odors, mold, and a broad range of pathogens. Bleach is generally used as a disinfectant only when necessary, due to its strong odor, the damage to fabrics and surfaces that can result from its use, and the health and safety risks to the user associated with exposure. As an asthmagen, inhalation of chlorine vapors can cause or worsen asthma and other breathing conditions, so care must be taken to avoid situations where vapors can accumulate. After use, the chlorine will move in the air and can combine with organic compounds in the air to produce chloramines and potentially other compounds, causing concern about the sustainability of using bleach.

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