TASKI® Auto Scrubbers


From small, compact walk-behind, to large ride-on machines, TASKI auto scrubbers provide an unparalleled level of performance across a range of applications to power through your floor care challenges. TASKI® auto scrubbers feature Intelligent design that is modular, making it easy and fast to maintain, and lower in repair cost. Areas are accessible and easy to handle. TASKI machines have excellent pick up with the patented squeegee design and direct suction, leaving no trails for slip and fall incidents. With TASKI, you can optimize runtime and performance, and the built in intelligence improves continuously with firmware updates and data driven loading. Intellitrail helps you optimize your equipment investment by leveraging usage, while Intelliflow controls the slow of solution and water, based upon the soil level and machine speed.

TASKI is a reliable Floor Care Solution.

Diversey TASKI® Auto Scrubbers
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