VeriClean Cleaning Validation Tools


The VeriCleanTM/MC System objectively measures and validates cleaning effectiveness in a cost-effective manner and provides actionable data to help improve performance. The data can be used to provide feedback to staff, engaging them in the process of driving continuous improvement and improved patient outcomes, while enabling the optimization of results by integrating products, procedures, training and validation.

An objective hygiene validation program which visually confirms the surface has been cleaned.  The system Includes:

• VeriClean Fluorescent Marking Spray

• UV/Black Light

• Web-Based Data Collection and Reporting Software

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101102924  VeriClean(TM/MC), 10 ml, RTU, 6/CT VeriClean(TM/MC) Fluorescent Marking Spray to be used as part of the VeriClean cleaning validation program.

D5696916 VeriClean(TM/MC) UV/Black Light, 1 ea, NA, 4/CT UV / Black Light to be used as part of the VeriClean cleaning validation program

  • The Vericlean (TM/MC) Fluorescent Marking Spray can be applied to vertical, horizontal or the underside of surfaces with ease
  • Marked surfaces are easy to detect. The sprayer applies a large circle (6″ diameter), giving better clarity to the quality of cleaning than a single spot
  • Easy to remove with chemical and mechanical action. The spray, when dry, is invisible to the naked eye, but is easy to detect with a black light.
  • The system is able to be integrated into a web-based data collection and reporting platform
  • Automated reporting available 24/7, with reporting capability by facility, room, surface and cleaner

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