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Solutions Designed for Healthcare™ covers specialized solutions in key areas of every care environment. From Acute Care to Long Term Care, Diversey is committed to providing innovative solutions that create a cleaner, safer and healthier environment for patients, staff, residents, and visitors. See below our line of disinfectants and check back as we add more solutions. For a full list of all products offered, visit

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CleanPatch® is a first-in-class FDA registered medical surface repair product that restores damaged mattresses to an intact and hygienic state.

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Cleaning Tools

Simplify processes and build efficiency in operations with single-use mops and wipes.

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Cleaners to fit the cleaning needs in your facility. From traditional quat technology to the new patented AHP® technology disinfectant cleaners, we have you covered!

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Floor Care

Diversey Care has been the leader for floor care from the beginning. Check out our products below for more information on maintaining all types of floors.

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Hand Hygiene

Diversey® IntelliCare™ system is designed around improvement in areas of patient care. Because handwashing is the single most important way to prevent the spread of infection, we have developed IntelliCare, a complete and intelligent hand care solutions designed to prevent infection, improve productivity and protect your brand reputation.

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The TASKI® Machine solutions are Intelligent Floor Care Solutions Designed for Healthcare.

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UV-C Disinfection

UV-C disinfection technologies are designed to disinfect rooms, surfaces, non-critical equipment and devices.

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