Selecting the Right Auto Scrubber

High Performance. Automatic speed-dependent solution flow, self-adjusting pad pressure, direct line vacuum hose, and the unique squeegee design that automatically adjusts to any floor surface, enable high productivity cleaning with no rework.

Safety. Look for design features that improve performance by eliminating water trails and potential slip hazards. Permanent magnet motor that allows the scrubber to stop instantly. Maintenance-free batteries, housed in an isolated battery compartment, eliminates operator, gassing, and electrical risk isolated from both the operator and electrical components.

Satisfaction. Ergonomic design reduces user strain and fatigue, reducing risk of injury while improving ease of use. Easy to clean tanks reduce odor, improve air quality, and reduce infection control concerns. Ecomode enables quieter operation, supporting daytime or nighttime cleaning, increasing facility cleanliness, optimizing labor, and creating less disruption for patients, staff and visitors.

Cost Control. Onboard intelligence with a built in CPU and automated Intelliflow® solution dispensing optimize chemical and water usage, reducing fill ups. Modular design makes accessibility, maintenance and repair faster and easier, improving runtime and return on investment.

✓ On-Board Computer ✓ Modular Design ✓ Color-Coded Maintenance Points
✓ Automated Solution Flow ✓ Direct-Line Suction ✓ Smooth & Hygienic Tank
✓ Remote Fleet Management ✓ Quick Release Squeegee ✓ Dynamic Braking & Acceleration
✓ Emergency Shutoff System ✓ Self-Adjusting Pad Pressure ✓ Independent Wheel Operation for smoother drive
✓ Smooth & hygienic accessible recovery/soiled tank

Questions to Help Get Started. What outcomes are most important to me and my facility? What areas will the auto scrubber be used in and what is the cleanable square footage, floor substrate, maintenance program (conventional or ultra-high speed) and frequency for cleaning the area? Which applications will be completed using the auto scrubber (daily floor cleaning, deep cleaning or scrubbing, interim floor maintenance, restoration and stripping)? What is the total cost of ownership projection over the life of the auto scrubber? How will the auto scrubber solution impact your total cost to clean?

If you have any questions on selecting an Auto Scrubber, please contact us by filling out the form below.