The TASKI® Swingo® 250µicro is a real breakthrough in floor cleaning excellence. The swingo 250µicro is a brilliant replacement for mopping, delivering scrubber drier performance with the convenience, ease, and simplicity of a mop. Now everyone can achieve a professional floor cleaning result.


  • NX Battery (2 x supplied with machine) 7524891
  • NX Charger (supplied with machine) 7524892
  • Brush (2 x supplied with machine) 7524893
  • Pad Drive 7524894
  • Twister Green Pad 225mm 912355
  • Red floor pad 225mm 7524895
  • Green floor pad 225mm 7524898


  • SH7524889 TASKI® swingo® 250μicro Starter Kit 


  • SH7524889 TASKI® swingo® 250μicro Starter Kit 
  • More soilage removed for one-pass cleaning
  • More cleaning pressure for visibly cleaner floors
  • Superior water pickup for safer floors
  • Reduced labor for significantly reduced cleaning costs
  • Significantly less water and chemical used for greater sustainability
  • Safer and more ergonomic for less effort and fatigue
  • Robust powerful battery and motor technology for performance and reduced TCO