1655b Taski 0

The TASKI® swingo® 1655 XD is a large battery-powered 26-inch auto scrubber with excellent ergonomics and simple, intuitive controls, the machine reduces operator fatigue and minimizes training.


  • D7515515  Pad Driver (13 in. / 33 cm)
  • D5994833  Dimensions (L x W x H)
  • D7515517  Soft Nylon Scrub Brush (13 in. / 33 cm)
  • D6175194  Door pass through
  • D7515516  Hard Nylon Scrub Brush (13 in. / 33 cm)
  • D6175178  Brush system
  • D1433991 Trojan GC2 6V-GEL VRLA Gel Battery
  • D6093771 Brush pressure
  • D1223732 High Freq. Smart Charger CBSW2S24V/25A – XD
  • D7524424 TASKI 4G IntelliTrail Hardware
  • D5994825 Flooded Wet Cell Battery 6V GC6
  • D7516240TASKI IntelliDose for swingo 1655/1855 XD IntelliDose Chemical Dispenser 1.5 L

D7524062 TASKI swingo 1655 XD – Machine Only D7524062

D1222573 TASKI swingo 1655 XD Kit

D1222575 TASKI swingo 1655 XD + IntelliTrail Kit

D1222576 TASKI swingo 1655 XD + IntelliTrail w/ Maint. Batteries Kit

D1222577 TASKI swingo 1655 XD w/Maint. Batteries Kit

  • Perfect cleaning results and dry floors
  • Simple to use and maintain with yellow maintenance points
  • Comes standard with Intelliflow
  • High productivity cleaning