Aero 15 Plus

Diversey Aero 15 Plus 2180

TASKI® AERO range delivers a canister vacuum cleaner solution which differentiates itself from competition by its best in class low power consumption and noise level while delivering high cleaning efficiency. This machine is robust, intuitively designed and allows easy handling and work ergonomics for an improved total cost of ownership and customer satisfaction. The TASKI Aero is, furthermore, a clever option offering simple adaptation to customer needs.


  • D7524288 TASKI AERO 8/15 disp. fleece bags 10 pcs.
  • D7524289 TASKI AERO 8/15 filter paper bags 10 pcs.
  • D7524290 TASKI AERO combi roller floor nozzle
  • D7524292 TASKI AERO combi ultra flat nozzle
  • D7524293 TASKI AERO turbo vacuum brush
  • D7524295 TASKI AERO telescopic tube
  • D7524297 TASKI AERO suction hose
  • D7524299 TASKI AERO crevice/dusting brush
  • D7524303 TASKI AERO exhaust filter pads 10 pcs.
  • D7524304 TASKI AERO 8/15 HEPA microfilter
  • D7524305 TASKI AERO 8/15 disp. filter fleece 5 pcs.





  • The new TASKI AERO tub vacuum cleaners are highly efficient and use a 585W state-of-the-art vacuum motor, which delivers the same cleaning performance as vacuums with 900W or more.
  • The TASKI AERO PLUS has an ECO button which reduces energy consumption to 295W, saving significant amounts of energy and reducing CO2 emissions without compromising on cleaning results.
  • Thanks to an innovative and patented TASKI whisper technology system, the TASKI AERO is extremely quiet. This low noise level means it can be operated in any environment at any time of day or night.
  • The TASKI AERO PLUS has an ergonomic design that is unmatched, with a foot pedal switch, two park positions, and high-quality user-friendly accessories set as standard.