Suma Bio Floor

A bacteria-enhanced, premium-liquid, no-rinse floor cleaner with solvents. Provides a residual cleaning effect on quarry tile floors that can last for up to several days.

Great for removing the fats, grease and oils that can build up in the grout and tile pores of quarry tile floors, causing slip-fall accidents.

  • 100897324 Suma® Bio-Floor® Cleaner D3.7, 2.5 L, J-Fill, 2/CT
  • 100910639 Suma® Bio-Floor® Cleaner D3.7, 1.5 L, RTD Spray, 2/CT
  • 93163905 Suma® Bio-Floor® Cleaner D3.7, 1 gal, Manual, 4/CT
  • Bacteria fortified, surfactant and solvent based no rinse liquid floor cleaner and deodorizer
  • Beneficial, self-replicating bacteria continue to clean after mopping is complete
  • Cleans soils trapped in tile pores and grout
  • Removes fat, grease and oil build-ups and eliminates odors
  • No-rinse floor cleaner
  • Concentrated formulation provides excellent cost in use
  • Apply with mop or spray using innovative RTD® spray method
  • Safe for use on quarry tile, ceramic tile and vinyl