Plaza Plus

Use on terrazzo, quarry tile, brick, slate, granite, marble, unglazed ceramic and Mexican tile. Exhibits exceptional gloss, leveling and long-lasting durability. Easy to maintain in conventional and UHS programs. White in color with a slight ammonia scent.

  • 04168 Plaza® Plus Sealer/Finish, 1 gal, Manual, 4/CT
  • 5104933 Plaza® Plus Sealer/Finish, 5 gal, BIB, 1/CT
  • Long-lasting, high gloss sealer/finish specifically formulated for stone floors
  • Product seals and finishes can be applied, maintained, and removed like any conventional finish
  • Offers excellent adhesion to new or worn stone flooring
  • One-product solution for multiple stone substrates, including marble, terrazzo, granite, slate, quarry tile, brick, unglazed ceramic, Mexican tile, and others
  • For sealing and finishing worn granite, marble, terrazo, and other stone floors