Permanent sealer to protect new linoleum and restore damaged linoleum, providing uniformity and color rejuvenation. Protects linoleum floors from chemical damage and forms an ideal base for floor finish topcoats. White in color with a mild scent.

  • 5104888 LinoBASE® Linoleum Sealer, 5 gal, BIB, 1/CT
  • Forms a very tough, non-removable sealer that helps keep linoleum floors looking good for many years
  • Brings back the true color even on old, worn and faded linoleum
  • Sealer will not powder or crack even when applied on very porous linoleum
  • This new and unique polymer system creates a tough seal with superior penetration, adhesion and cohesion properties, giving it a much higher resistance to abrasion and chemicals than conventional sealers
  • Protects against water damage and against conventional alkaline floor cleaners
  • A specially-formulated sealer for linoleum floors

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