Carefree Family 0 (1)

Carefree® Floor Finish/Sealer is a versatile multi-surface, multi-maintenance floor finish/sealer that simplifies floor care programs

  • 05432 Carefree® Floor Finish / Sealer, 1 gal, Manual, 4/CT
  • 5104731 Carefree® Floor Finish / Sealer, 5 gal, BIB, 1/CT (TrailBlazerTM/MC ready)
  • 5383021 Carefree® Floor Finish / Sealer, 2.5 L, ProSpeed, 6/CT (Bag-in-Box)
  • Versatile floor sealer/finish works with any maintenance method and equipment on all floor types
  • Leaves finished floors with exceptional clarity, high gloss and excellent durability
  • Easy to apply and remove from all floor types
  • Meets ASTM D-2047 slip resistance requirement
  • Responds beautifully to conventional, high-speed or UHS equipment and maintenance procedures
  • May require a sealer on highly polished stone, glazed clay tile, and some rubber floors
  • Not intended for use on cork, wood, or bamboo flooring unless specified by the manufacturer