Rescue™ RTU, Gel & Wipes

Rescue Family Shot

Accel®  Rescue™  Sporicidal Products were the first Health Canada registered surface disinfectant effective against C. difficile spores. Rescue is task oriented product line to help infection control win the war against C. difficile. Rescue is available in gel, wipes and liquid formats.

Rescue™  Sporicidal Gel was developed specifically to adhere to the vertical surfaces of toilet bowls, sinks, commodes and basins to ensure the full contact time is achieved.

Rescue™  is included in multiple best practice documents across Canada, including PIDAC’s Environmental Cleaning Best Practices, Management of C. diff Best Practices and BC PICNet’s Gastrointestinal Outbreak Guidelines.


  • 101103737 Accel Rescue™ Gel Sporicidal, 946 ml, Ready to Use, 12/CT
  • 101103667 Accel Rescue™ Liquid Sporicidal, 946 ml, Ready to Use, 12/CT
  • 100906725 Accel Rescue™ Wipes Sporicidal, 160 ea, Wipes, 12/CT
  • Ready-to-Use sporicide powered by AHP® technology
  • Effective against Clostridium difficile, Clostridium sporogenes, Bacillus subtilis in 10 minutes, providing cleaning and disinfection on high touch surfaces
  • The AHP® active breaks down to oxygen and water after use
  • Designed for cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces, and the larger wipe size allows for large environmental surface coverage


Gel Sporicidal:

Liquid Sporicidal

Wipes Sporicidal: