Accel® INTERVention™ RTU & Wipes

Intervention Rtu Wipes

Accel® INTERVention™ RTU & Wipes provide SUPERIOR SPEED of DISINFECTION with a rapid contact time of 1 Minute! Accel® INTERVention™ is the product of choice when you encounter an outbreak or for seasonal outbreak prevention. Seasonal outbreak prevention is cleaning and disinfection to help slow the spread of Influenza, Norovirus, etc before and during the outbreak season. The Ready to Use (RTU) and pre-saturated wipes ensure user, protocol and product compliance. INTERVention™ is ideal for clinical areas and surfaces such as workstations and shared patient care equipment, preventing the spread of infection.


• ACCINTERVW-6×7 6”x7” Wipes (160ct)
• ACCINTERVW-10×10 10”x10” Wipes (60ct)
• ACCINTERVR1 1 Litre Ready to Use Bottle

  • The FASTEST disinfectant formula registered with Health Canada
  • Bactericidal, General Virucidal and Tuberculocidal efficacy in 1 minute!!!
  • Intended for use as an OUTBREAK INTERVENTION.
  • 1 min contact time ideal for addressing bacterial (MRSA, VRE, etc.) or viral outbreaks (Norovirus, Influenza, etc.)






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