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KISS in Cleaning and Disinfection – Keeping it Simple, Safely

The ultimate goal of cleaning and disinfecting environmental surfaces is to create a safe environment for patients, their visitors, and healthcare personnel. Environmental Services (EVS) and Infection Prevention (IP) departments continue to face the challenge of preventing the transmission of healthcare-associated pathogens (HAPs).  Accomplishing this task can be difficult.  There is increased pressure to make sure environments are safe.  Infection rates are now reported, public awareness is much higher, and facilities face financial pressure

Do It Right The Fast Time!

Two steps may be required to adequately clean and disinfect surfaces.  Are you sure your staff is complying with disinfectant label instructions and your internal policies?  It may be worth checking out! Many cleaners don’t disinfect.  Many disinfectants do not clean.  Cleaning removes dirt and soil, and it can also remove pathogens from surfaces. Disinfection not only removes pathogens, it kills them – which is what is needed to achieve the desired level of

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