Turboturn Cycle

Diversey has a new program to turbocharge turnover of the operating / procedure room without compromising quality.  This is based upon the need for simplified and standardized products and procedures, along with a formal training program to implement in a facility.  Diversey has worked with AORN to achieve the Seal of Recognition for its OR Environmental Hygiene Program.

The program includes training and education tools for cleaning and disinfection of procedure areas and operating rooms in both acute and ambulatory care settings.  The Program includes evidence-based procedures and practices designed to optimize environmental hygiene in the operating room for between-case, terminal/end-of-day, and scheduled interim cleaning and disinfection that will enhance productivity and improve the quality of performance.

Diversey TurboTurn™ is part of this program and helps define the products and procedures to ensure the job can be done both efficiently and effectively between cases.

It is a continuous process and begins with an assessment.

Contact us to begin your assessment.