No Maintenance Floor Care Solutions

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No Maintenance Floor Care Solutions

  • Wood grained grooves provides peaks and valleys for soil to deposit.
  • Factory finishes, while very tough, cannot be repaired once damaged.
  • Most manufacturers will not warranty damage to floors due to the failure to follow recommended maintenance steps, use proper floor protectors, or from damage which has occurred to the product as a result of abrasions from external elements: sand, grit, incorrect maintenance methods, etc.

Restoring Heavily Soiled Floors

  • Prepare an auto scrubber with:
    • Nylon brush for textured surfaces
    • Blue or green pad for smooth surfaces
    • Fill solution tank with an alkaline cleaner such as Prominence (1:256)
  • Clean floor using the following procedures:
    • Make first pass with solution on, pad or brush down and scrubbing, squeegee up, vacuum off.
    • Allow solution to dwell on floor for 5-10 minutes
    • Make a second pass with solution on, pad or brush down and scrubbing, squeegee down, vacuum on.


  • Use a deck brush to hand scrub heavily soiled areas.
  • If soil remains, apply stripping chemicals designed for linoleum, allow to dwell for 10 minutes, next agitate with an auto scrubber or swing machine fitted with pad or brush, finally vacuum up slurry with auto scrubber or wet-vac.
  • Always follow label directions
  • Always consult with the manufacturer of your floor to be sure the above procedures will not void your warranty.

Maintenance for No-maintenance floors.

Now it is time to protect your floor from further damage! You have options:

The absolute best way to protect your floor is to apply a floor finish with excellent adhesion properties. Diversey manufactures both Carefree® and Carefree® Matte:

  • Carefree works on nearly all types of floors and responds beautifully to conventional, high-speed or UHS equipment andmaintenance procedures.
  • Carefree Matte is a versatile, durable floor finish without the high gloss. Ideal for facilities preferring a low gloss, low- maintenance solution.

Do you not want to enter a traditional maintenance program? No problem, we have another option!

  • No Maintenance Flooring Emulsion with WiwaxTM/MC Technology is specifically formulated for use on no maintenance, LVT and textured vinyl flooring. It is a unique polymeric cleaner that can be used as both a daily cleaner and periodic gloss rejuvenator.
  • No Maintenance Flooring Emulsion with WiwaxTM/MC Technology enhances gloss while repairing scratches. You will find the floor much easier to clean.
  • When used properly No Maintenance Flooring Emulsion with WiwaxTM/MC Technology will never have to be stripped.