850×350 Dispenser

The IntelliCare Hand hygiene dispensing systems can address all of your hand hygiene needs with a versatile, modern, durable platform that is compatible with liquid/gel and foam products. Available in both manual and patented hybrid (combined touchless and manual) systems, these easy-to hang dispensers offer dual dosing, intuitive ADA-compliant designs, and large windows to see when product is running low. We offer versatility with a single dispenser option for all solutions, which allows you to customize product selection at any time, based on environment, facility and user needs.

800×480 Hybrid

Hybrid Dispensers

This patented hybrid technology offers touchless dispensing, that can switch to manual, and product will always be available, even if the batteries run out. This system offers large windows for visibility, is ADA compliant, and has near-empty and low battery signals for staff alert. This technology uses an extended-life battery platform and offers both liquid and foam product options.
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400×240 Manual Dispenser

Manual Dispensers

Our manual dispensers are designed with large windows for visibility, and are ADA compliant. They offer simple and intuitive operation, with a large easy-action push button. Each unit has dose-size options, and is great for use in areas where frequent hand washing or sanitizing requires an always-available product dispensing option.
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