When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting patient care areas and mobile equipment, you can’t afford to lose. You need a sure bet!

Published On: July 22, 2014


The evidence shows that daily cleaning of high touch surfaces and the cleaning of patient care equipment between patients can reduce the amount of contamination, and lead to a lower risk of pathogen transmission.  But the real question becomes, how do you ensure that daily cleaning and disinfection is happening?

Disinfectant wipes provide the easiest and most convenient option for enabling your staff.  It really comes down to making sure you select the right product to deliver the optimum results.  Make sure the odds are in your favor.

Here are some criteria to consider:

Ease of Use:  Healthcare workers are busy, and have more tasks than time.  If you want them to use disinfectant wipes to clean high touch surfaces in patient care areas, as well as mobile equipment between uses, you need to supply them with a product that is convenient and easy-to-use.  Wipes are the most convenient format for disinfecting, and making sure that they are easily accessible and pleasant for staff and patients will increase the odds that they are used.

Effective:  All that wiping won’t get the job done if the disinfectant wipe is not effective against the key pathogens of concern.  It is also imperative that a disinfectant stays wet on the surface per the label instructions.  For example, if your wipe requires 2 minutes to do the job, and the surface dries in less than 30 seconds, you aren’t getting the job done.  Don’t back a losing hand.

Surface Compatibility:  Your facility’s investment in assets needs to be protected – whether it is equipment, environmental surfaces, carpets, fabrics, or uniforms, there is a hefty cost associated with damage or replacement.  Disinfectants may not be compatible with every surface, and at times may require a rinse after use.  With a little bit of homework, you can protect both your patients and your assets.

Safety:  Healthcare workers are committed to patient care, but they are also worried about their own personal health and safety.  Healthcare workers are much more likely to use products that they consider safe for use.  Doesn’t your staff deserve a disinfectant that is non-irritating to their eyes, skin and respiratory tract? Ante up and get them a product that is not only effective, but safe for them to use.

Recruit and Enable:  Have you heard the old saying, “many hands make light work”?  Providing disinfectant wipes for use in patient rooms and public areas can help empower patients and their families to create safer environments of care.  Most loved ones really want to help.  Let them.

Picking the right disinfectant wipe can increase your odds of creating a safer environment.  Click here to view a tool that can help you assess the benefits of different disinfectant wipes so that you can pick a winning hand.