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CleanPatch Mattress Repair System

The Problem: Mattress Damage

Surfaces in healthcare facilities have been linked to the spread of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Important examples of contaminated surfaces are hospital bed and stretcher mattresses, which have the second highest number of surfaces contacts after bed rails, and have been demonstrated harbor pathogens that have resulted in HAI outbreaks (Huslage et al, 2010).

Used extensively in healthcare facilities, mattresses can become damaged from daily wear and tear, and by physical and chemical damage. A recent study at a U.S. hospital revealed that 26.9% of mattresses on adult medical surgical beds showed occult (non-discernible) damage to the waterproof backing (Bradbury et al, 2015). In April 2013, the FDA issued a Safety Communication stating that damaged or worn medical bed mattress covers may allow blood and bodily fluids to penetrate the mattress core, posing a risk of infection to patients.

Damaged mattress surfaces cannot be properly cleaned and may become a a risk to patient safety. It is important to catch damage early and restore the mattress surface to an intact and hygienic state in order to preserve performance characteristics and cleanability.

The Solution: CleanPatch®

CleanPatch® is a first-in-class FDA registered medical surface repair product that restores damaged mattresses to an intact and hygienic state. It is available in three sizes and is designed to repair over 90% of cuts, tears and punctures common to hospital bed and stretcher mattresses. CleanPatch® is Clinically Validated, Safe, Simple and Cost-Effective.

Clinically Validated: Validated by independent Infection Prevention Professionals. It is durable, cleanable and impervious to fluids even under rigorous conditions.

Safe and Simple: Apply in seconds. CleanPatch® is “peel-and-stick” and made of latex-free, biocompatible materials.

Cost-Effective: By extending the life of mattresses and stretchers, CleanPatch® reduces direct and indirect costs to hospitals: make 20 repairs for less than the cost of one new mattress.

Educational tools are included with every order of CleanPatch® to guide healthcare facilities as they implement this program. Hundreds of leading healthcare facilities have already adopted CleanPatch® to save money while protecting patient safety!