Peer Reviewed Studies

Diversey Care is a leader in information including having published a number of peer reviewed studies

A compilation of studies and articles on cleaning practices, efficacy and safety of certain chemistries.

A new peroxide-based flexible endoscope-compatible high-level disinfectant

This article summarizes the efficacy, safety and materials compatibility of a 2% AHP-based high level disinfectant that is compatible with flexible endoscopes.

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Enhancing Patient Safety through management of Clostridium difficile at Toronto East General Hospital

A retrospective study of a Clostridium difficile outbreak and the interventions implemented that lead to a 50% decrease in the rates of C. difficile and corresponding decrease in MRSA rates.

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Broad-spectrum materials compatibility of a new generation of Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide-based environmental surface disinfectant

This article summarizes the efficacy and safety of the EPA registered Intermediate Level disinfectant that is sold as Oxivir Tb in North America by Diversey.

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Activity of selected oxidizing microbicides against the spores of Clostridium difficile relevances to environmental control

This article summarizes the efficacy of several commonly used disinfectant chemistries and their relative effectiveness against the spores of Clostridium difficile.   AHP-based technology has been gaining acceptance as a means of formulating safer and environmentally benign microbicides with activity against major classes of nosocomial pathogens.

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Combined application of simulated reuse and quantitative carrier tests to assess high level disinfection experiments with an AHP based formulation

This article summarizes the efficacy and safety of a 7% AHP High Level Disinfectant and Chemosterilant.  

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Product & Protocols for disinfection of hydrotherapy tubs

This study reviewed several products and protocols in order to develop guidelines for cleaning and disinfection of hydrotherapy tubs in long term care facilities.

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Evidence for Cleaning and Sanitizing Efficiency with AHP

This article summarizes the Health and Safety and Environmental Responsibility benefits of the Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide

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A product based on accelerated and stabilized hydrogen peroxide. Evidence for broadspectrum germicidal activity.

This study summarizes the efficacy of a 0.5% Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide surface cleaner-disinfectant.

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