The Solution - MoonBeam3

The Solution | UV Disinfection

Diversey’s solutions are noted for their highly innovative, portable and affordable design, allowing FAST. EFFECTIVE. PORTABLE. AFFORDABLE. dosing of UVC light to quickly and effectively kill harmful pathogens, including bacteria and C. difficile
Adjunct technologies, such as these no-touch disinfection devices, allow all facilities concerned with preventing infection, to add an additional level of assurance to their existing protocols.

MoonBeam™3 Sentry Assist Technology detects motion when used with the MoonBeam3 UV-C Disinfection technology.


United States, Canada

MoonBeam™3 UVC Disinfection technology offers added assurance to improve patient outcomes.

SKY® 7Xi

SKY®7Xi Mobile Device Disinfection is the bright response to the latest pathogen challenge.