Areas of Care

Cleaning Healthcare Areas is an advantage of Diversey's knowledge base.

Solutions Designed for Healthcare™ covers specialized solutions in key areas of every care environment. Our experienced team of professionals provides the information to implement the proper training and tools to facilitate the best practices involved from Acute Care to Long Term Care. Diversey is committed to providing innovative solutions to cleaning healthcare areas.  

Diversey Care offers the products for proper acute care cleaning solutions.

With increased economic pressure to improve patient outcomes, creating safe and more satisfying environments of care has never been more important.

Long Term Care Cleaning Solutions with your facilities in mind.

Quality of care and quality of life are enhanced in an environment of care that is clean, healthy and safe for residents, staff and visitors. Let us help you create the best environment possible.

Alternate Care Medical Solutions are One of Diversey's Main Areas of Care.

Safe and healthy environments of care in alternate care create more satisfied patients and staff. Diversey solutions bring integrated protocols to each area, customized for results.