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Just Because You are Using a Disinfectant Doesn’t Mean You are Disinfecting: The Business Case for Improving Infection Prevention in ASC’s

Healthcare-associated infections are the fifth leading cause of death in acute-care hospitals in the United States and the fourth leading cause of death in Canada. These infections have a significant impact on patients, families, healthcare institutions and the economy. Healthcare institutions face reductions in reimbursements and their brand equity, and the economy faces billions of dollars in excess healthcare costs. From emerging pathogens to “super bugs,” the public has never been more aware of infection control challenges, which are frequently cited in headlines.

It’s That Time of Year!

Happy FLU year

‘Tis the season!  Those pesky pathogens love the colder weather and seem to come out in force in the fall and winter. 

Influenza, norovirus, colds, and enterovirus…..some are more difficult to kill than others, but they are all spread in a similar way.  These germs can make you feel miserable, and under the right conditions, can quickly move from person to person, even causing outbreaks or epidemics! 

Are you prepared to battle the winter season bugs?

Evaluating Oxivir® Tb Versus Criteria of Ideal Disinfectants – HOW DOES IT STACK UP?

Oxivir Tb

Recent studies have demonstrated that the environment plays a role in the transmission of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).  Environmental surfaces and patient care equipment are important reservoirs for pathogens.  Contaminated surfaces increase the risk of transmission to patients either through their direct contact with contaminated surfaces or by contaminating the hands of healthcare workers who then transfer these pathogens to patients or other surfaces.  This evidence supports the need to improve cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces and patient care equipment. 

Ready to throw in the towel?

Throw in the towel

Maybe you should be…

A new study shows that ready-to-use disinfectant wipes increase compliance while saving time and money.

Selecting the right disinfectant and cleaning tools can be a real challenge in a healthcare setting.  There are numerous criteria that need to be taken into consideration when you are designing your cleaning and disinfecting program, and as you’ll see below a simple cleaning tool can be a complex variable in the effectiveness of your program.  Here are some considerations…

What can go wrong in cleaning and disinfection of surfaces?

What can go wrong

There are many potential hurdles to consider relative to proper cleaning and disinfection in the healthcare environment.  Being aware and addressing these up front can help reduce risk, and potentially save unnecessary costs in the long run.  Outlined are some considerations which, if addressed, may help mitigate negative consequences.

Choosing the Right Disinfectant

Meet an Innovator: Saint Francis Medical Center

Tammie Lee

Teaming Up to Win the War Against Multidrug-Resistant Organisms

 “Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there.”– Virginia Burden

St. Francis Medical Center is the largest hospital in Northeast Louisiana, with over 2,200 employees and more than 300 physicians who provide quality care in 45 medical specialties.  In 2013, St. Francis Medical Center was recognized as one of the best hospitals in Louisiana, and has been recognized for their quality of care in several specialties. 

When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting patient care areas and mobile equipment, you can’t afford to lose. You need a sure bet!

questions about wipes

The evidence shows that daily cleaning of high touch surfaces and the cleaning of patient care equipment between patients can reduce the amount of contamination, and lead to a lower risk of pathogen transmission.  But the real question becomes, how do you ensure that daily cleaning and disinfection is happening?


Disinfectant wipes provide the easiest and most convenient option for enabling your staff.  It really comes down to making sure you select the right product to deliver the optimum results.  Make sure the odds are in your favor. 


Looks Can Be Deceiving

Looks can be deceiving

“What gets measured gets managed.” Peter Drucker

What looks clean may not be clean or disinfected.   Because pathogens are microscopic (aka invisible), it is nearly impossible to measure the cleanliness of a room with visual inspection alone.  Yet this is how the majority of healthcare facilities measure patient room cleanliness.